Incorrect measurements can result in huge financial losses whether at production, exploration or distribution stage. With VTS instrumentation calibration services, you can be assured about getting the highest level of measurement accuracy that will reduce the uncertainties in measurements.

Our calibration services utilize highly effective measurement systems instrumentation to obtain perfect measurement accuracy. VTS provides most modern calibration equipments which are clearly traceable to the highest standards.

Our experts are highly experienced with many years of industry experience and are efficient working with all kinds of calibration equipments based on an array of international reference standards of measurement.

With help of the wide range of services we offer, covers all your calibration requirements, helping you to increase your profitability. Read on or get in touch with us here at VTS to discover more.


  • Inspection: Our team inspect the equipment thoroughly and advise the condition of equipment before processing to testing stage.
  • Testing: our world- wide network of testing equipments supported by knowledgeable staff along with experienced personnel, help you reduce possible risks. It also helps reduce time to market and test the safety, quality and performance of all your products against necessary safety, health and regulatory standards.
  • Certification: we help you assure that your products, systems, services or processes are compliant with international or national standards or customer set standards via certification.

VIPRO Technical Services offers expert quality service in calibration of all major equipments (electrical, mechanical, pressure, temperature, force and more). With significant savings in time and money, and assure that your equipments now meet rigorous industrial calibration  standards.

Our  Laboratory  is  equipped  with  elite  instrument  calibration equipments for both Primary and Working / Transfer standards. The Calibration Accuracy of the Master Equipment that we use is traceable to the National/International Standard.

VIPRO Technical Services with technical leadership value added services helps your company improve processes, eliminate obstacles to production, and significantly increase efficiency, the company has focused strongly and consistently on becoming a name for quality and reliability in the field of calibration.

We, at VIPRO Group, give first priority to our clients satisfaction by providing them with the best quality of service supported by the latest technologies which is guaranteed by our QMS System as we are certified by ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 17025.

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