As a global leader in temperature measurement, the Extech range of thermometer models is unrivaled. With both handheld and table or wall-mounted models, Extech offers multiple choices for use as a room thermometer, indoor/ outdoor thermometer, water thermometer, food/cooking stem thermometer and a non-contact forehead thermometer. Turn to Extech for thermocouple thermometers, dual-input thermometers, datalogging models, and other specialty models. Models include wired remote probes and wireless thermometer choices.


Cooper-Atkins Corporation we take extreme pride in our service levels and in our customer relationships. These qualities have helped our business grow for 130+ years. As a leading manufacturer of environmental and innovative food safety solutions, we have a global reach and are a trusted resource for reliable, high-quality instruments and expert advice. Our commitment to the industries we serve is captured in our mission and vision statements.

Thermistor based technology has developed over time to produce an inexpensive, accurate and quick-responding digital thermometer. A Thermistor is a sensor embedded in a bead made of ceramic, glass or metal attached to an alloy wire. Thermistor instruments can be very accurate within a limited temperature range.

Comark Instruments

Comark Instruments has over 50 years experience as a leading, international manufacturer of high quality, precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring solutions, supplying over one million instruments per annum. Comark Instruments also supplies other industrial sectors including scientific research, laboratories, HVAC and refrigeration.

  • Digital &Analogue Thermometers
  • Humidity Measurement & Data Logging Instruments
  • Pressure Meters
  • Timers & Alarms
  • Sensors & Probes


Brannan are leading European manufacturers of Thermometers, Pressure Gauges and associated products. Our glass thermometer and pressure gauge manufacturing facility in England is highly mechanised offering high quality glass thermometers and pressure gauges at internationally competitive prices. Brannan have manufactured and supplied thermometers, pressure gauges and instrumentation since 1913. Over a century of tradition, combined with modern manufacturing methods in our facilities to ensure an unequalled service.
Complimenting our production facilities, the company provides a calibration service operating its own UKAS accredited laboratory where, in addition to having new thermometers tested, customers may also have existing instruments re-calibrated. We supply OEMs, Resellers and End-users in Retail, Scientific and Industrial markets worldwide a vast array of glass thermometer and pressure gauge products.