MOSOCA Technogenix is committed to delivering accurate, precise and convenient defined time services to our clients, with the emphasis on documentation, precision and accuracy.

We obtain this through diligent focus, hiring the experts from the industry and consistently enhancing our quality management structure and capabilities.

We, MOSOCA Technogenix is a committed team that works towards maintaining, implementing and enhancing the quality management structure compliant to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Our laboratory set up identifies and meets the customer requirement and the regulations of EIAC through:

  • Offer timely, quality and accurate services.
  • Strive to improve continuously on the effectiveness of management system, testing facilities and capabilities to achieve quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Providing reliable and traceable measurement services in accordance with established methods as per National and International standards.
  • We employed professionally qualified and trained employees to execute the quality of Test and Calibration activities.
  • Providing adequate training to all employees, to enhance their competence and ensure them to familiarize with quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures.

The Quality Policy and the goals are demonstrated to all the employees of MOSOCA Technogenix and our management is fully dedicated to implement the quality policy.