Omniguard® flame detectors are known throughout the world for their outstanding quality and reliability. Omniguard® flame detectors are used in a wide variety of high-risk fire protection applications throughout the world. Using UV or IR sensors, or a combination of both, Omniguard® detectors have an extremely low false alarm rate and are able to sense and notify the user of various conditions and parameters of flame.


The Fire Sentry SS4 detectors operate from standard 24 Volt DC power and interface to approved fire alarm panels or standard PLC’s. On power up, a self-test is performed and the fault relay resets to show no faults. The front LED lights flash every ten seconds to indicate power is on. The continuous spectral data stream of information from the sensor array is analysed by the microprocessor. Upon alarm, the detector activates the alarm relay and stores all the pre-fire spectral data in non-volatile memory for retrieval and evaluation. This Fire Pic™ data can be used to postulate the cause of the fire.


Approved to FM 3260 (2000), the X5200 meets the most stringent requirements worldwide with advanced detection capabilities and immunity to extraneous sources, combined with a superior mechanical design. The mounting arrangement allows the UV and IR sensors to monitor the same hazardous location with a 90-degree cone of vision. When both sensors simultaneously detect the presence of a flame, an alarm signal is generated. The detector has Division and Zone explosion-proof ratings and is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications.